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How to make organic soap- Makes natural soap ,Natural soap making means that you are using natural soap base ingredients. If you wish to make organic soap you will need to use organic soap making supplies for your oils, fats, butters, additives and scents. You cannot make soap without lye (sodium hydroxide) it is simply IMPOSSIBLE.How to Make Soap from ScratchJan 16, 2020·Soap, by definition, is fat or oil mixed with an alkali. The oil is from an animal or plant, while the alkali is a chemical called lye. In bar soapmaking, the lye is sodium hydroxide.

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Making soap at home is a practical and satisfying skill to learn. Whether you'd like a natural alternative to store-bought soap or you're a crafty person looking for a new creative venture, making soap is fun and not always as difficult as you might think.

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There are several different processes to make all-natural soap: regular or cold process, hot process, and melt and pour. According to Wellness Mama , regular or cold process soap-making is also called cold processing and entails mixing the soap mixture with the oil mixture, then pouring the combined mixture into insulated molds.

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